Google Gets Personal With “Search, Plus Your World”

This week Google announced major changes to their search results with the launch of ‘Search, plus Your World‘. When I read the blog post I instantly knew this will have a big impact on search engine marketing, particularly organic SEO. The idea is to make results more personal by including three new elements: Personal Results, which […]

New Year's Resolution: Learn To Code

New Year’s Resolution: Learn To Code

It’s that time of year again, so have you made any new year’s resolutions yet? If not, what about learning how to code JavaScript? If you’ve never coded before, JavaScript is a great place to start and having at least some knowledge of code is a big advantage for anyone interested in online marketing. Whether […]

A Google a Day

Fans of trivia quizzes and Steve Wright-style factoids will enjoy playing A Google a Day. Each day Google runs a trivia puzzle challenge. The aim is to improve your Googling skills. For example, the question for Sunday December 4th was: “Today you turned 35 on earth. How old would you be on Earth’s twin planet? (Disregard […]

Official Google Twitter Accounts

Official Google Twitter Accounts

Anyone interested in search engine marketing is always looking for information “straight from the horse’s mouth” – the ‘horse’, of course, being Google. It’s easy to get regular updates from numerous product teams at Google thanks to their extensive list of Twitter feeds. I’ve been following a couple of their feeds for a while (e.g. […]

New Site Explorer From Majestic SEO

New Site Explorer From Majestic SEO

I’ve been taking a look at Majestic SEO’s new Site Explorer tool. First impressions are good, and it seems like a worthy rival to Open Site Explorer from SEOMoz. The summary page is nicely laid out giving a quick overview of backlinks to the domain you’re analysing. You can also drill down to view Top […]

A New Home Page For Twitter

A New Home Page For Twitter

In a recent blog post, Twitter has announced a new home page, which aims to make the value of Twitter more obvious to new users visiting the site for the first time. The new home page features more dynamic content, showing a sample of “who’s here”, what people are tweeting about and the major trending […]

News of Michael Jackson's Death Crashes Twitter

News of Michael Jackson’s Death Crashes Twitter

The importance of Twitter as a medium for breaking news is confirmed tonight following the sad reports of the death of Michael Jackson. As I write this, AP has just confirmed that Jackson has died due to cardiac arrest. But I was first aware of the story about two hours ago when ‘Michael Jackson’ was the […]

My Bookmarks For 20 June 2009

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My Bookmarks For 18 June 2009

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My Bookmarks For 20 April 2008

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